Penn vs. Yale – The Trials of a Quaker Fan

Author: Dan Bernick, SAS ’14

It was all over.

The Quakers were down ten points going into the fourth quarter. Our dreams at an Ivy League title three-peat were evaporating. What was a Quaker fan to do?

The truth is, I doubted.  Yale was tough and Penn had been lucky the past few weeks.  I felt bad for my doubt.  But the sinking feeling we would lose was hard to shake.

By the third quarter, I reversed course.  Instead of feeling guilty, I distanced myself from the team.  I withdrew from my fanaticism.  If we lost, it would be “their” loss.  Right?

But when the Quakers jumped from 10 to 23, I knew what I should have been doing since the game started.  Fight.  It’s my job to be with the team – my team – in good times and bad, and to yell just as loudly when we’re behind.

Photo Courtesy of the DP

The great irony that is the fighting Quakers came roaring back. 27 points in the fourth quarter, bringing the final score Penn 37 – Yale 25. That’s 18 Ivy League games in a row for you statisticians, or just plain awesome for you college students.

Ivy League Champions – Here We Come!


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