Art Contest Winner

Last week, we asked you to correctly identify both the name and location of the following sculpture on Penn’s campus:

We had a large number of correct responses, but the first to get it right is Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro, C’93. Within minutes of the post, she properly identified the location as Hamilton Walk between HUP and the Med Education Building and the name of the piece as Quadrature# 1 (1977) by artist and Penn Professor, Robert Engman. Professor Engman is also known for Triune, a trifold Moebius strip located near Philadelphia’s City Hall.

In addition, he collaborated with his students to create Peace Symbol (1967) also a favorite sculpture found on Penn’s campus near the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.

Congratulations to Lisa, who will be receiving  a free Penn T-shirt for her participation. Thank you, too, to our enthusiastic and responsive readers, many of whom also correctly identified this somewhat obscure piece. You can view more of Penn’s art work on campus by going here.

In the meantime, keep checking back for more opportunities to show your Penn spirit and to win!

Here’s the full view of the piece for your viewing pleasure:


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