September at Penn

Author: Dan Bernick, SAS ’14

September at Penn feels like college.

September is when everyone you met last year returns.  You see familiar faces, some whose names escape you and force you to pretend to introduce that person to someone else so she has to say her name.

September is when Locust Walk looks beautiful.  Although only half of Locust Walk is not under construction, strolling down to Penn Park connects you with a campus rich in history and traditions.

September is when football games are.  Heading to Franklin Field with brothers to watch the Quakers destroy or be destroyed is mesmerizing.  This year, as a returning student, I feel ownership – the football my team is my team, and we win or lose as a school.

Double Rainbow Over Penn Park, Photo by Scott Spitzer, University Communications

September is when you are enthusiastic, fresh, and excited.  When you try new things, join new clubs, and take new risks.  Fall is when my schedule is packed with shows and sports games, meals to catch-up with friends, and fun.

Soon, it will be October, and fun will become Halloween and hot apple cider.  But September at Penn feels like college.  The way college is supposed to feel.


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