Free Movies at Penn

Author: Dan Bernick, SAS’14

With my internship over I returned home to Minnesota for a month of rest and relaxation – err, I mean to find a cure for cancer and start two businesses like us Quakers are apt to do!

When I am home, I love watching movies with my mom.  This is not as lame as it sounds; we see “cool” movies like Planet of the Apes, The Debt, and anything with spies.  Whenever I see previews for movies that do not come out until school starts, I worry I will never see them.  But then I remember that SPEC has me covered.

The Social Planning and Events Commission (SPEC), one of my favorite branches of Penn Student Government, has a Film Society.  This is code for free movies students see before movie is in theaters.  It is the perfect excuse to skip studying and hang out with friends for a night, or take someone on an (inexpensive) date.  It is always fun to watch movies with friends because you generate a ton of jokes to be repeated ad infinitum for weeks. I can’t wait to get back to campus in just a few short weeks and start planning my social calendar.


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