To Penn in Ten: My Journey From LOLCats to Sweeten

Author: Leigh Ann P.
It’s true that a person can become quite bored with her morning commute, so it’s always nice to pause and try to appreciate the little things you see along the way.  This is my daily journey.

The hardest part of my morning is bidding farewell to Franco, who I adopted from the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Here he is pictured in his post-breakfast coma. He is pretty devastated when I have to leave.

I live on Spruce Street just below Rittenhouse Square. I absolutely love this neighborhood, even on a dark, muggy morning such as this.

I do get the opportunity to walk through the park every day on my way to the bus stop. Follow that little white dog!

That object in the distance is the bus I frequently miss.

Hooray! I can always count on SEPTA to send another bus along straight away.

Wow, the sun has come out so quickly! It’s almost as if this picture wasn’t taken on the same day! The Schuylkill River and its sedimentary deposits look lovely this morning. In the distance you will see the beginning stages of a bridge that will connect the riverside park to South Street!

Can you believe how well this picture came out since it was taken on a moving bus? I know I can’t! I have enjoyed watching Penn Park evolve from a construction site into the multi-functional park facility you see before you. The grand opening of Penn Park will take place on Saturday, September 17th from 4 – 6 PM. Be there for fun, games and excitement!

Usually, I pull the cord too early and the bus ends up stopping at 33rd and Walnut, a block ahead of where I need to be. I am just so eager to get to work and see my friends at Sweeten.

Off the bus at 34th and Locust Walk, and already planning my lunchtime visit to get a Magic Meatball from this cart. Or perhaps I’ll go there for a second breakfast. The day has so many culinary possibilities.

Oh, hello there! The Button has been under protective wraps all summer while construction has been going on all around it. It revealed itself recently just in time for the new school year. And what’s that in the distance? Sweeten Alumni House, my home during the work day. Have a great Monday, everyone.


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