The Doors of College Green

Blanche Levy Park, also known as College Green, has evolved enormously over the years. New buildings have been erected, old ones demolished, and Woodland Walk’s trolley is now buried beneath the campus rather than running through it. Despite these changes, Penn, perched directly across the Schuylkill river from Center City, has always remained as a doorway of sorts to West Philadelphia. Below you will see eight entryways to buildings around the green. How many can you identify? Click the link at the bottom of the page to see how many you got correct!

Doorway #1

Doorway #2

Doorway #3

Doorway #4

Doorway #5

Doorway #6

Doorway #7

Doorway #8

Door 1: Sweeten Alumni House

Door 2:  The ARCH

Door 3: Claudia Cohen Hall

Door 4: The Wistar Institute

Door 5: Psi Upsilon Fraternity (The Castle)

Door 6: College Hall

Door 7: Fisher Fine Arts (Furness) Building

Door 8: Van Pelt-Dietrich Library


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