Penn, Ben, and the 4th of July

Author: Amanda M. D’Amico

Happy Fourth of July!  During this day filled with barbeques, fireworks, and good company, I wanted to take a moment to think about the reason for this three-day weekend and the impact of America’s founding fathers.  In that spirit, I combed through campus to find images and mementos of one of America’s most prominent founding fathers and Penn’s founder:  Ben Franklin.

Finding Ben Franklin’s influence at Penn isn’t difficult.  From Penn’s alumni magazine, The Pennsylvania Gazette, to this very blog, Mr. Franklin can be found throughout the Penn community.  Here are just a few places where you can see images of Ben Franklin on campus:

Ben on the Bench.  This iconic image of Mr. Franklin sits on the Class of 1962 Walkway and was a gift from this generous class.College Green.  Located directly in front of College Hall, this statue of Ben Franklin has been seen by hundreds of thousands of students, alumni and staff, and serves as the legendary inspiration behind the split button.

Young Franklin.  This statue of a spritely Mr. Franklin is located outside of the appropriately-named Franklin Field.

Quotes.  Mr. Franklin’s words, as well as his images, have permeated Penn’s campus.  The Class of 1962 Walkway is filled with quotations from this world-renowned scholar.  Below are two of my favorites:

Next time you’re taking a walk around Penn, be sure to take notice of the influence that Franklin had on the campus, and on the country at-large.  For information of Franklin’s life and work, visit


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