Gorgeous Gorges

Author: Aimee LaBrie

In my next life, I believe I will be moving to Ithaca. My colleagues in Alumni Relations and I were just there for several days last week to attend Ivy+, a conference where alumni relation staff working from all the Ivies get together to share best practices (the “+” universities are MIT and Stanford).  This  year, Cornell University sponsored the conference and they did an excellent job making us feel welcome. So, for three days, I got to be around a bunch of very smart and very nice people who do a lot of the same things we do–plan reunions, work on getting alumni back for Homecoming or to join their local club, find new and improved ways to use social media to engage alumni.  And, on our off time, we were served delicious meals. Example:

A clock tower filled with white chocolate mousse. Sinful.

We had no trouble devouring it. Here is Lisbeth before she destroyed and devoured the tower.

Lisbeth and tower

On the last night, they hosted an outdoor BBQ with a tour of the gorges.

Penn people and our tour guide

And a short video capturing the beauty of the falls combined with the beauty of Marge, our GAN (Global Alumni Network) team member. Thanks, Cornell, for an awesome (and awe-inspiring) conference.


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