Bike It or Walk It for Prizes

Guest Author: Nicholas Mirra of the Bicycle Coalition

I am very familiar with the impressive volume of foot and bicycle commuting taking place in the Penn area every day. So, I’d like to share a fun and addictive program the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is running this summer: The Commuter Challenge.

This free, ongoing event encourages people to walk or bike to work. Portland and Seattle do yearly Challenges, and now the Bicycle Coalition is bringing it to Philly. How does it work? Very simply. Register online and create or join a workplace team. Then, log commutes you take to and from work via foot or pedal power.

The Challenge runs from May 20th to August 20th, but registration is open all summer. Prizes are awarded to winning teams and participants are entered in raffles for great prizes. We will have pit stops, happy hours, and other events throughout the summer to celebrate the joy of human-powered commuting.

The Challenge has something for everyone:

* For exercisers: save time by combining your commute and your workout. Be surprised by how much more alert and less stressed you feel at work for having walked or biked to get there.
* For the environmentally-conscious: reduce your carbon footprint. Our website tells you how much CO2 emissions your human-powered commuting prevents.
* For peppy team-builders: build camaraderie by organizing an office or lab team.
* For ruthless competitors: challenge other individuals or teams for bragging rights and glory. A healthy excuse for being unnecessarily competitive.
* For stat heads: track commuting rates, miles traveled, updated leader boards, average commute lengths, and other statistics on the site.

Philadelphia’s prominence in the national bicycling community is growing rapidly. We believe Philadelphia has the populace, the weather, and the attitude to embrace foot and pedal-powered commuting on an even larger scale. The Challenge is a great way to get in this healthy and hearty habit, or to reward yourself for possessing such a positive pre-existing condition.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is an education and advocacy organization promoting bicycling in the region. Our initiatives and programs include Safe Routes Philly and Bike Philly. Learn more about us and local bicycling news online and follow us on Twitter.


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