My Top Penn List: Largest Alumni Clubs

Author: Casey Ryan, C’95

Anyone who has spent any time in Philadelphia should be familiar with “Move Closer to Your World,” the television news music jingle made famous by its use on Action News on Channel 6, ABC’s affiliate WPVI-TV. Since Action News has been the highest-rated station in Philadelphia for four decades, the theme has become a large part of the Philadelphia consciousness especially the first four lines.

“Move closer to your world, my friend
Take a little bit of time
Move closer to your world, my friend
And you’ll see…”

Taking the advice from the song, for my Top Penn List, I wanted to share with you the 10 largest Penn Alumni Communities with clubs, so you can engage closer with your Penn world wherever you are.

10     First, we travel outside of the States, to our largest international club, The Penn Club of United Kingdom, London, UK

9              Penn Alumni Club of Washington D.C., Washington DC.

8              Penn Gold Coast Alumni Club Website, serving Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beaches, FL

7              Miami Alumni Club, Miami, FL

6              Penn Club of Boston, Boston, MA

5              Penn Club of Northern California Club, San Francisco, CA

4              University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association for Southern California (aka PennClubLA) serving Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

3              Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

2              Metro New Jersey Alumni Club, Northern New Jersey

1              PennNYC, New York City, NY (in addition, Penn Club of Westchester and Rockland Website, University of Pennsylvania Club of Long Island Website and Penn Club of Fairfield County service the needs of Penn alumni in the NY/CT metropolitan area).

For those who would like to reminisce about their Philadelphia days, enjoy the classic Action News theme song also with images circa 1995.


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One response to “My Top Penn List: Largest Alumni Clubs

  1. Regina Jaslow

    Don’t forget the Penn Club of New York with over 5,000 members!

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