My Top Penn List: Acronyms

Author: Casey Ryan, C’95
I am confident that if you ask any alumnus/a from the nineties about Penn’s knack for creative acronyms, you will get a laugh and a story about a memorable one.  From standing in line in Palestra at CUPID* for my Penn Card to calling PARIS* one last time to see if I passed Business Italian and if I would actually graduate, I remember that my life at Penn was peppered with acronyms and initialisms.  I wanted to share with you my favorite current acronyms from campus.

10.  PASS – Penn Alumni Student Society
9.    SPEC – Social Planning and Events Committee (can’t have a fling without ’em).
8.    PENNCAP – Pennsylvania College Achievement Program
7.    WCIT – Wharton Computing and Information Technology, pronounced like “wicket.”
6.    MAP – Major Advising Program, “You don’t have to be ‘lost’ to take advantage of MAP, just curious.”
5.    LIFE Program – Living Independently for Elders Program
4.    Penn ReunionFACTS – Penn Reunion Fall Alumni Class Training Session
3.    WHALASA – Wharton Latin American Student Association
2.    JBaGeL – Penn’s Jewish LGBTQIA Community, from Jewish Bisexual Gay and Lesbians
1.    PHINS – Peers Helping Incoming New Students, which references the dolphin on the Penn Shield.

I’d love to hear what your favorites Penn acronyms are, whether they are still used or are a blast from the past.



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7 responses to “My Top Penn List: Acronyms

  1. ACLC – Alumni Class Leadership Council
    TCPW – Trustees’ Council of Penn Women
    VPUL – Vice Provost for University Life
    BRB – Biomedical Research Building
    KCECH – Kings Court English College House (I didn’t live there, but they have a great acronym!)

  2. Tory

    “PASS” to me always means Penn Arab Student Society, because I met one of their members through PLBD‘s social lessons, and thereafter was added to their email list and got invited to many of their events! (I am/was also a member of PLBD, and once we joked that we are Phi Lamba Beta Delta…)

    WICS – Women in Computer Science (I was a member by default, being a DMD major)

    SMAC – Singers, Musicians, And Comedians (within PAC)

    PS: When I first came to Penn, I used to pronounce SEAS as “say-ahs”, like the word “seas” in Spanish (see the verb conjugation chart towards the bottom –, rather than in English!

  3. Henrietta

    UA – Undergraduate Assembly
    UMC – United Minorities Council
    WATU – Writing Across the University
    SATU – Speaking Across the University
    DP (of course) – The Daily Pennsylvanian
    DRL – David Rittenhouse Labs
    How do I still remember these? 🙂

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