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Class Schedules and Drop/Add (81 Weeks To Go)

By Kiera Reilly, C’93

The weekend of October 21-22, 2016 marked 81 weeks until the 25th Reunion of the Penn Class of 1993 (May 11 – 13, 2018)! #93tothe25th

Do you remember registering for classes at Penn? I vaguely remember the summer before our Freshman year, sorting through a course catalog printed on newsprint. There were so many interesting classes, but I had to decide between really interesting classes and also taking classes to fulfill my requirements in the College.

Eventually, I made some selections, some with conviction, some with blind faith, and mailed them back to Penn. I saved the carbon copy of my requests.


My class requests for my first semester of my Freshman year at Penn.

(Note the upper right the blocks for my social security number. I rubbed it out, but the SSN was on everything we did with Penn back then)

Apparently I could select a primary course, and then an alternate course if my first choice was unavailable.

In late July, I received my courses on this computer print-out.

Kiera Reilly Freshman Class Schedule first round at University of Pennsylvania

I sent in my request, and these are the classes I received.

Note that there is a spot for my social security number (rubbed out) and my home address (also rubbed out).

Of the courses I requested, French was my only match.

As an alternate to English, I was placed in Econ. As an alternate to Philosophy, I was placed in another Philosophy course, Existentialism (I distinctly remember this course taught by Carmen Romano). The Physics of Sports course was full, and my alternate I guess was full too.

I remember being freaked out that I only had three classes! But then I arrived on campus and learned about drop/add.

Do you remember drop/add? I vaguely remember needing to attend the first class of the class you wished to add, then asking the professor if there was an opening, and then sitting outside – the classroom? An administrator’s room? And handing in paperwork and getting it stamped so you could be admitted into the class.

I have two add forms from that first semester.

Drop/add form for Kiera Reilly at the University of Pennsylvania

I fill out the form and received a “Received” stamp!

I added Math 141, which was calculus. Again, note the spot at the top right for my social security number.

Drop/add form for freshman year classes for Kiera Reilly at Penn

My second drop/add form. I thought I already was placed in this class so I am not sure why I have this form.

This seems to indicate I added Philosophy 55 – the Existentialism course. I am not sure why I have this since it was already on my first schedule, but here it is.

After the drop/add period ended, I received a printout with my final schedule. Note that my address has been changed to my dorm room in the Quad – 222 Franklin.

Kiera Reilly first semester schedule at Penn

My final schedule for my first semester of Freshman year.

It indicated the dates and times of the classes, and also the buildings. WMS is Williams Hall – convenient to the Quad, and DRL, well is DRL. I think CB stands for the Chemistry Building.

Do you have memories of figuring your schedule Freshman year? Do you have any funny drop/add stories? Let us know!

Join us we countdown the weeks to our 25th reunion in May, 2018 #93tothe25th:

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