Strategic Volunteer Opportunity

Strategic volunteer opportunity for Penn alums in NYC, Philadelphia and Silicon Valley. Apply by 8/19 to join us this Fall.

Over 100 Penn alumni put their professional skills to work this year to make a positive impact on their cities. They joined PennPAC (Pro bono Alumni Consulting) to volunteer as strategic consultants to nonprofits in New York and Philadelphia. In teams of alumni curated by PennPAC, they supported organizations serving a broad range of clients from children seeking a best start to their education to adults seeking legal aid. Projects varied from the development of marketing plans to market entry strategies.  During our most recent round, which concluded in May, six nonprofits were supported via 8-10 week consulting engagements, while two were supported via one-time ImPACt volunteer events.


PennPAC project team celebrating their project completion.

This Spring was PennPAC’s 10th project round.  Over the past five years, PennPAC has brought together Penn alumni-volunteers from almost every school at Penn and from a wide range of ages and careers. From newly minted accountants to retired marketing executives, from architects to lawyers, PennPAC draws a varied, intelligent group of enthusiastic, energetic alums seeking to make positive change in their cities. Volunteers work as consultants on 8-10 week projects, attend one-time ImPACt volunteer events, and also support PennPAC via special projects.

Since PennPAC’s founding in 2011, Penn alums have volunteered to provide over $2.5 million in consulting services to over 40 nonprofits, all while having fun, expanding their networks and fine-tuning their professional skills.  As Volunteer JC Ibarra (WH 2012) shared during his project: “It is satisfying to have an outlet to deliver impact for a good cause…PennPAC is my first significant extracurricular commitment post graduating from Penn, and I can’t think of a better way to spend some free time.” Volunteer Elise Udolf (CAS 1982) echoes the sentiment: “I found working with our team extremely rewarding. Not having the same areas of expertise as some of my teammates, I found the experience enlightening and very interesting.”

Penn alumni also serve as the daily PennPAC management, marketing and operations team. Jackie Einstein Astrof (CAS 1993) is the Founder and Executive Director, Anne Turner (WG  1994) is as the Chief Operations Officer, Jeannette Chang (WH 2008) is the Vice Chair of Volunteer Relations and Bleema Bershad (WH 1995) is the Director of Communications.

Join us!  Volunteer with PennPAC:

  • NYC – Learn more and apply by 8/19 to join us for 8-10 week projects beginning October 2016 (time commitments begin at 3-5 hours/week) or subscribe to our email list to hear more about our one-time ImPACt volunteer opportunities and other events
  • Philadelphia – Leadership opportunities available, contact for more information.
  • Silicon Valley – Learn more about joining the founding team here.



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