Flinger Food is Back!

By: Edna S.


Flinger Food is back!!

If you’re around April 11th, 2014 form 6-8pm please stop by the Penn Traditions and yPenn tent next to Shoemaker Green. We’ll be handing out free food and give-a-ways to students before the Spring Fling concert!

It’s amazing how fast March sped by and now April is here. It feels like I’m running a marathon. Student events such as Final Toast and the Multicultural Outreach team happy hour with Alumni and current students are right around the corner! Where is this semester going? I’m trying to catch my breath while the reality sets in…graduation is right around the corner too! It didn’t feel official until I received my results. I passed my comprehensive exams!!

Which means I officially bought my cap and gown. I got so caught up trying to pass my exam, keep up with classwork and work that I forgot about this exciting part!


Now I’m debating which items to get. Hmm….

Which Class ring?

Which Diploma frame?


Penn Club Membership

My announcements also just arrived! Which makes the reality of graduating sink in a little bit more. Is there some form of senioritis that graduate students suffer from? Because I think I’m there…



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