Author: Noelle McManus, C’17

Being from Philadelphia, you could say I’m used to the snow. I’ve been around snow my entire life. I would look forward to snow days every year. Playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, plus no school! But after I finished high school I assumed that all the fun filled snow days were far behind me. So, you can imagine my surprise when on Tuesday we got so much snow in such little time that the university closed early! At 9 am on Tuesday morning I was walking to class and there wasn’t a snow flake in sight. By the time my class finished at 10:30 There was already snow on the ground. And it didn’t stop. By 1 o’clock there was enough snow to cancel classes for the rest of the day. It was one of the best feelings in the world. Being snowed in with my lovely roommates, watching TV, and drinking hot chocolate! It felt just like I was little again. And then, to my surprise, that night the univeristy actually cancelled classes for Wednesday too! It was such a treat and I hope I see one again sometime soon!



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