Traveling in Sin: A True Tale of Transformation through Love and Travel

Author: Lisa Ellen Niver,  CAS’89

Next May, it will be my turn to celebrate 25 years since I graduated from Penn. I am still close with many of my friends from Ware College House. I count on them for so many things. I remember our days in the Quad especially during Hurricane Gloria. I had never been in a hurricane. I learned so many lessons in and out of the classroom. In part, it was my education at Penn that challenged me to take risks, and gave me the interest in journey to other countries.

I have truly taken the Penn motto “we will find a way or we will make one” to heart. After George found me online in 2007, we chose to quit our jobs and meander around Asia for a year from 2008-2009. During that time, I lost over fifty pounds, we got engaged underwater,  and we learned how to be a team.  When we returned home, we wrote a book together.  Last week,  I am happy to say that we published that book, Traveling in Sin.

The book is available on Amazon and was recently mentioned in Westside Today. In the article, Sommer said, that the book…”is a love story and travel memoir rolled in to a single, enjoyable book.” That love story started with my friends and experiences at Penn, where I was encouraged to pursue my curiosity to make discoveries around the globe.

You can learn more about the book and about our life together in the slideshow below.


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