Holiday Spirit at Sweeten

Author: Mari Meyer, GSE , C’12

As my first semester as a graduate student at Penn winds down, I recall fondly the days that my brain felt like THIS, instead of like THIS.

Fortunately, campus is glowing with festive holiday cheer, and all of the wonderful people here at Sweeten make this extra tough time as a student feel just as lovely as ever.  Not to mention that they do a really good job of feeding us student staff (as you’ll see below). Here is just a quick sampling of the festive holiday spirit that’s alive and well throughout Sweeten.

Ben and wreath welcome visitors as they walk through the door.

Holiday treats appear on the second floor as if by magic, fattening us up like geese.


Chrysanthemum + Piano = Joy

Popcorn Tin! As usual, the caramel and cheese-flavored pieces disappeared first.

Mini tree decorated with Rubik's cube.

From all of us at the Sweeten Alumni House, have a happy, healthy holiday season.  See you in 2012!


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