From the Penn Archives…

Author: Jason S.

When a University starts pushing 300 years old, inevitably a large amount of physical ephemera starts building up in the basements and attics around campus. Such is the case with Penn, and, here at Sweeten, we are lucky to have a small collection of pamphlets, yearbooks, objects of all shapes and sizes, and even what I think is supposed to be a large stuffed orange egg wearing a “U of P” shirt. Through the curatorial stewardship of Susan Todres, CW’75 WG’77, University Archives has placed these objects on display at the Alumni House for all who visit to admire.

For those of you who are unable to make the trip to Philadelphia, I took a few pictures of some of the more interesting objects. Enjoy.

Cast iron painted ashtray, replica of Franklin Field and Weightman Hall, circa 1920.

Franklin Field illustrated program from Penn-Cornell Thanksgiving Day football game (November 25, 1948)

Football-shaped mug illustrated by F. Earl Christy, 1905.

Cloth "Humpty Dumpty" doll adorned with freshman beanie, emits squeaking sound when squeezed.

Brass-covered dance card book for party held at Hotel Rittenhouse, Sigma Phi Sigma Fraternity (April 16, 1920)

Class Day Program, 1910.


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One response to “From the Penn Archives…

  1. Susan Molofsky Todres

    Jason, I’m so pleased that you shared these photos! I have taken great pride in acquiring and donating these treasures of days gone by to University Archives. My personal favorite is Humpty Dumpty, “the egg” that you refer to! Made of felt, he was fabricated as a baby’s toy: squeeze on his chest and he squeaks! I took him to the New York Doll Hospital for a little repair before he made the trip to Philadelphia…he needed a little stitching up!
    Best regards,
    Susan Molofsky Todres

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