Looking Back…The Alumni Weekend Picnic

Author: Leigh Ann P.

For some reason, people often think that university staff members are awarded the same vacation time as professors and students.  As much as some of us may daydream about this myth becoming a reality, the truth is that we work hard all year long!  While we are recovering from Alumni Weekend 2011, we are certainly not resting.  There is still much to be done to wrap up what we have accomplished this year – and we have already long been planning for Alumni Weekend 2012!  Classes that end with a 7 or a 2 – you’re next!

We are enjoying taking the time to reflect on this past Alumni Weekend through the many wonderful pictures taken throughout the weekend.  These are just a few from Saturday’s picnic.  A little – or rather, a lot – of physically manifesting weather didn’t even stop our faithful alumni from coming out and chowing down on a hot dog… or five.

This future Quaker seems to be enjoying the rain more than us folks who worked at the registration tents.  It’s a good thing we had so many buckets full of Penn buttons to deter those leaky spots!

Enjoying the day despite the rain

A little red and blue cheer goes a long way

Our Quaker Mascot made the rounds at all the reunion tents

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Proud Penn alumni from the enthusiastic Class of 2006

The Alumni Weekend Picnic was some good old family fun. We look forward to seeing everyone next year

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