Alumni Programming…Family Style!

Author: Kristina Clark

I had the wonderful opportunity to staff an event at the Mask & Wig Clubhouse in Center City last week, Family Day at Mask & Wig.

There were over 122 alumni parents and children at the Clubhouse.  They enjoyed a hot dog lunch and watched a performance by Mask & Wig geared to the little ones under 12 years old.  After the performance, the kids went onto the stage to participate in a kick-line and then sang The Red and Blue, hand motions and all! As one of our alums said, “the Mask & Wig undergrads were a true credit to Penn — not only putting on a show that was both funny and appropriate, but handled themselves with maturity and grace with our kids after the show.”

I think we may have found a way to have alumni connect with Penn on a whole different level – through their children.  It was an amazing event and we held another Penn family event Friday night at the University Museum.  We have 90 people registered for 40 Winks with the Sphinx for a scavenger hunt, movie, and sleepover at the Museum!  In my next post, I’ll give you an update on that event as well.

You can see photos from this event on our Phanfare site here.

Keep checking the Penn Alumni website for more family programs.

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