A Room with a View (of Locust Walk)

One of the best things about working for Alumni Relations at Penn is our location. Sweeten Alumni House, located at 3533 Locust Walk, sits literally at the heart of campus.  Though at times it may be distracting, we can literally see and hear just about everything that happens on Locust Walk – from the Penn Band announcing the Spring Fling concert artist with their rendition of “The Club Can’t Even Handle Me” by Flo Rider (look it up; I know I had to) to Penn students enjoying the first day of spring on a warm, sunny day on College Green.

Among all of this, it the less familiar sights and sounds that I find most fascinating.  For example, the pledges from Theos and Tabard societies fully camped out with tarps, tents and sleeping bags on College Green; the student dressed like Waldo (as in Where’s Waldo) – complete with red and white striped shirt and hat and round black glasses – hiding in the bushes outside our building; or the 24 hour stationary bike marathon for charity hosted each spring by our fraternity neighbors, complete with a pink bunny mascot and The Best of Journey on repeat.

As bizarre and entertaining as these sights and sounds may be, to me they also represent what is so fantastic about Penn.  This campus literally pulses with energy, creativity, and excitement every minute of the day, every day of the year.  And that energy is contagious – its part of what makes me excited to come to work every day and to be a part of this community.

If you don’t believe, just check out the view from my office.

Lisa V., C’02

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